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For the first time in Olympic history, OVEP is integrated into an Olympic-related event. One of the main pathways to implement OVEP is project-based education. In this case, project-based learning does not simply happen within school environment, but in an environment, where children can experience this fantastic atmosphere of an international Olympic-related event, while learning more about Olympism, and its values. Beginning of 2024, the Hungarian Olympic Committee trained more than 300 teachers for OVEP and choose the most active ones to bring 550 children from all over the country from age 13-17 to the Qualifiers and conduct OVEP activities, focusing on 21st century learning competencies and the current challenges of the movement. As there are many countries, becoming more and more committed to implement OVEP, the Hungarian Olympic Committee faces a strong interest of OVEP delegates from all over Europe to take part as an observer at the OQS Budapest OVEP event. It means, this pioneer OVEP project will serve as a good example in Europe in the future, and this is one of our most important aims. 

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